Will the TRUE worshippers please Dance!

Worship Experience at Dancing Preachers International Conference

A couple weeks ago, Amber (co-founder of Kairos Kreative Ministries) and I had the pleasure of attending Dancing Preachers International. This annual conference is an opportunity for various people from all over to gather in celebration of dance as true worship. We spent four days learning, teaching, celebrating, networking and most importantly worshiping among a great, diverse body of believers!

Our relationship with God is so multidimensional, words cannot begin to contain. However, it is our worship that holds the key to revelation, breakthrough, blessings, and deliverance. One of the workshop facilitators Julinda Lewis stated “dance is an outward expression of an inward relationship.” How then can we expect our dance (outward expression) to break yokes, destroy strongholds, draw souls closer to God, and loose His praise, if WE haven’t taken the time to cultivate the inward relationship with God?

His word tells us that “God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth” John 4:24. Long gone are the days of playing church. Our Father is not pleased with our conventional, ritualistic traditions. He is searching the earth for hearts that are thirsty for Him! How beautiful is it to know that our worship is not just an obligation but privilege! With that privilege comes great responsibility. When we as worshipers, take our worship public via dance, mime, theater, WE are then held accountable for those souls we are ministering to.  The question I’ve posed to myself and to Kairos as a ministry is this: would God be pleased with our worship?

Here are a few general pieces of advice from those pioneers leading the restoration of dance as true worship:

-Maintain your intimate relationship with God. James 4:8a

-Put on the garment of love, daily! 1 Corinthians 13:2

-Remember that God is fruit inspector; the fruit we bear should be sweet, ripe, beautiful and nourishing. Matthew 7:16-20

-Always be a servant. Matthew 20:25-28

-Embrace a spirit of unity. Romans 15:5-6

The reality is my worship today is not going to suffice tomorrow. My God continues to show Himself greater day by day, and so must my worship! I challenge you to ask yourself: Would God be pleased with my worship?


Erika B.

2 thoughts on “Will the TRUE worshippers please Dance!

  1. I totally agree… In any worship that do, not only dance but singing, musicians, preachers, it all is an outward expression of our inward relationship…. What’s cultivated/ took root in us will always be what’s expressed outwardly to others. That’s why it’s important to examine what and who we allow in our hearts. He didn’t say ” guard ur heart” just to say it. God knew the detriment that can suffice if we allow any and everything in our hearts/spirits.

    Great article EB❤

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