My walk with Kairos


When I joined the dance ministry I never thought it would be within praise & worship. I learned from a awesome women of God you should always use your talents that God gave you, and use them from the heart not because you are being asked. After teaching for several years, I started to feel like the focus in the ministry was completely wrong. I was ready to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Although I was blessing those around me, i was missing the most important thing, growth within myself. I prayed about it, talked about it with others, I even thought about stepping down as a ministry leader. Then one night after a performance I was approached by Porsha H. to come to a casting call. I took that sheet of paper and said I am not in the mood for this today, maybe next time. A few days had passed, and I read that piece of paper every day. I had made it up in my mind that I was not going to go, I napped on the couch restless, and finally said I will know longer fight with you God. I will get up and go. I was not prepared for the event, but i did show up. When I left all I could say was Thank You God!. Kairos is such a warm hearted and caring group of christian individuals. We all have our own lives, but we have the same walk of life and that is to follow Christ. I am still a little nervous at times, but I can say that this is a powerful group of individuals, and i thank god everyday for surrounding me with people I know is cover by the blood of Jesus. 



Blessings, Kemoya


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